Our Team

ourteamOur consultants (a team with a unique mix of consulting and industry experience) are not typically the experts who see the world through the same keyhole perspective.
At Me4all Bangladesh, we engage professionals from diverse backgrounds who can bring fresh perspectives to our clients’ challenges, and pioneer new solutions to improve how organizations work.

As management and HR consultants, we aim to work with our clients to resolve their issues and face business challenges of the day. So we only engage consultants who have a genuine desire to help their clients work better. Our consultants are not only “experts” in their own subject area they are engaged for their ability to empathies with the clients and their issues; to listen; to work with the clients in developing solutions to achieve strategic goals.

Our consultants are:

Insightful delivering unique insights and objective driven recommendations for how a client can improve the way their organization works
Spirited having the confidence, integrity, to speak their mind with courage and conviction, and
Committed to doing what is right for our clients.

We think this gives Me4all Bangladesh as well as our clients an edge. Based on the clients need we form the right team for every client challenge, rather than molding client challenges to fit our teams?

Whenever necessary, we bring experts from abroad to address your specialized needs. Moreover, you will always be able to count on lead consultant to be actively involved in your engagement.


To establish a sustainable business that will create Entrepreneur and generate asset by developing a strong platform and great organization


To create massive employment through which people develop themselves and develop the country also.