About Us

AboutUsMe4all Bangladesh as a management and HR consulting recognizes the fact that organizations have been facing challenges and turbulent time ever than before. In many countries, the pendulum has swung from recruitment and retention difficulties through downsizing and redundancy programmes, to rebuilding employee morale and commitment, and sometimes back again. Organizations have placed their attention increasingly outward on the customer on meeting needs through quality and cost improvements and on producing new products and stay one step ahead of competition. These changes have produced demands for best and contemporary management and HR practices that quickly support whatever changing business needs are current to gain the competitive advantage.

Against the backdrop of this challenging agenda we are there to help you through our service as: 

an advisor to your line management and generally to your organization
a partner helping you to develop and implement best solutions
a specialist in developing your management processes, policies and practices
a change agent helping in creating and meeting the strategic goals and changes thereof
an analyst of your employees’ views
a researcher to transform research into actionable insights and provide breakthrough perspectives
and so on and so forth
Our promise is helping your organization work through
Translating strategy into action by aligning leadership teams, the organizational culture and structures, roles, and people capabilities to their needs;
Making insightful decisions about cultures, leadership, organizations, people, performance, and reward;
Developing and retaining talent and leaders;
Mobilizing people to achieve business goals through creating reward strategies and performance cultures; and
Effectively implementing and sustaining our recommendations.

Our consulting approach is simple: we work with our clients not simply as consultant but as partner of change. We endeavor to make our clients more capable. We work through the implementation and transfer our “know how,”. Our solutions are never “one off “they always help sustain organizational performance. Me4all Bangladesh clients are from the private, public, and not-for-profit sectors, across every industry. Their diverse business challenges mean we help them recognize and face their unique challenges, as well as their unique cultural issues.