About Us

friends_1Me4all mainly cool friendship group & universal friend’s group as well. This Group was created on Jun 18, 2006 to make sure friendship forever worldwide mainly in Bangladesh. M Simul influenced by his net friends to create a yahoo friends group.After that he invited his friends all over Bangladesh & abroad into this me4all group. Now a day’s me4all crossed 800 members. Over through me4all today all of friends reached very closely their heart to each other.

There have various information about national, International and all of ritual activities.

This is mission of me4all group:

(1) Relating to society: relating to human society and how it is organized.

(2)Relating to interaction of people: relating to the way in which people in groups behave and interact the social sciences.

(3)Living in a community: Living or preferring to live as part of a community or colony rather than alone social insects.

(4) Offering opportunity for interaction: Allowing people to meet and interact with others in a friendly way a social club.

(5)Relating to human welfare: Relating to human welfare and the organized welfare services that a community provides social services.

(6)Rank in society: Relating to or considered appropriate to a rank in society, especially the upper classes.